Our Services


Initial Consultation

60 Minutes

For clients wanting assistance with nutrition for general health or performance in sport or exercise. Includes an individualised meal plan tailored to you. 

All nutrition consultations are eligible for private health insurance rebates.

Please keep in mind, If you’re a new client, it is recommended you’ll need a minimum of four nutrition consultations – an initial (data collection) and subsequent reviews (meal plan tweaks depending on how you’ve responded, accountability and coaching), which can be booked ahead of time.


Please note: as your nutrition plan is individualised, we usually have a 7-day turn around for meal plans.

Taylor Wales-Ryan is no longer offering Initial consultations and Reviews for new clients. Taylor only offers online nutrition coaching packages. 


Review Consultation

30 Minutes

A standard review consultation.

Extended Review Consultation

45 Minutes

An extended review if we haven’t seen you for 6 months or we have a lot to cover in one appointment.


Competition Plan Review

Review appointment to discuss and develop your individualised competition nutrition plan.

Phone Consultation

For those interstate, we offer phone and email consults Tuesday to Friday.

If the available appointment times are unsuitable, please contact us to see if we can arrange an alternative for you.

If you’re looking for a phone/skype consultation, please email for availabilities.

Our Location


7 McLennan Street, Albion, Queensland, 4010

Clinic Hours

    • Clinic hours will vary depending on the dietitian you’re currently seeing.
    • For the specific times, please see our BOOK NOW page.