If you find yourself grappling with the complexities of calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient intake, we’ve got the solution. Our evidence-based protocols are tailor-made upon consultation with your food preferences, current weight, activity levels, and more to ensure a personalised approach to achieving your desired goals and fuelling your body how it should be fuelled.

Online Coaching is only available with Taylor Wales-Ryan – the only way to work with her is through online coaching.

  • UNDERSTAND the importance of fuelling to perform
  • ​Ongoing nutritional protocols tailored to your goals.
  •  Structured in an evidence-based approach to help assist fat loss, enhance muscle growth/retention, or fuel performance and recovery.
  • Education about behaviour and habits and facilitating change
  • Learn to consume nutrient-rich, dense foods, hitting your daily calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient intake while still enjoying the foods you love in moderation.
  • Creating a better Nutrition “TOOLBOX” for you to navigate your nutrition journey
  • Designed with a flexible approach, you can eat the foods you enjoy the most.
  • Learn to consume nutrient-rich, dense foods, hitting your daily calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient intake while enjoying the foods you love in moderation.
  • Access the TSD database to monitor your progression and complete the goals that your health professional has allocated.
  • Ongoing amendments to your macros/meal plan are needed to alleviate the plateau in your progression.
  • Ongoing accountability through texts and messages


Why opt for a generic solution when you can receive personalised nutrition guidance explicitly tailored to your needs? My coaching goes beyond numbers, focusing on designing a nutritional plan that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and drives you toward achieving your desired body composition goals. To be the best athlete you can be, STARTS RIGHT here and NOW.


✓ Those who WANT to enhance their performance by addressing daily fuelling requirements and optimising training sessions through nutritional intervention.

✓  Those who WANT to seek additional assistance regarding body image concerns, negative eating patterns, and self-critical thoughts with a Sports Dietitian.

✓  Those who WANT tailored approaches to meet their specific needs and objectives for achieving desired body composition or athletic performance targets.

✓ It is ideal for discovering how to savour favourite foods in moderation, avoiding strict limitations while still making progress.

✓ Optionally, receive a customised meal plan tailored to your specific goals and preferences.

What is included? I’m glad you asked!

  • ​24/7 in-app access to Taylor Wales-Ryan.
  • Personalised prescription based meal plan tailored to your specific requirements + macro targets.
  • Daily habits and task allocation for mindset support.
  • Recommendation around supplementation (if deemed necessary).
  • Fortnightly Check-Ins will also ensure you’re on the right path to your goals. Questions will be asked, ranging from your nutrition to your circumstances.
  • Ongoing education, amendments and changes each fortnight.
  • The questions are developed to ensure you have the best coaching experience for this service and achieve the desired outcome.
  • The responses to your check-ins will be delivered via Loom, allowing you to receive more transparent feedback in context and a better coaching experience.
  • Additional resources such as generalised supplementation guide and high protein on the go snack ideas.

$76.99/PER WEEK